Erdogan: we entering era of radical changes

Erdogan: we entering era of radical changes

Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the world is entering an era of radical economic and political changes due to the coronavirus outbreak.

He stressed Turkey closely monitored the global outbreak since its start and implemented swift and timely preventive measures.

"Such outbreaks have had severe consequences around the world, and have even been the triggers for major political, social, and economic transformations," the Turkish leader noted.

"We are entering a new era, one in which we are likely to see radical changes in the global economic, political, and social order," Anadolu Agency cited him as saying.

The Turkish president said the situation being witnessed in Western countries had disproved their claims of having transferred basic public health care to the private sector.

Erdogan said it showed those countries had actually abandoned the essential services and left their citizens vulnerable.


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