Eurobarometer: How fair do Europeans think life in the EU is?

Eurobarometer: How fair do Europeans think life in the EU is?

New poll shows most Europeans think life is generally fair, but have concerns over justice, political decisions and income inequality, according to the results of the Special Eurobarometer survey published today.

More than half of respondents think that people have equal opportunities to get ahead (58%). However, this figure hides substantial regional disparities, with 81% agreeing in Denmark, but only 18% in Greece. 

Only 39% are confident that justice always prevails over injustice, while the same proportion disagrees. Even more pessimistically, only 32% agree that political decisions are applied consistently to all citizens and 48% disagree.

The overwhelming majority think that income differences are too great (84%), ranging from 96% in Portugal and 92% in Germany to 59% in the Netherlands. In all countries except Denmark more than 60% agree that governments should take measures to reduce differences. 

Overall, 47% of Europeans think that globalisation is a good thing and 21% disagree. 39% think migration into their country is a good thing while 33% do not.


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