Europe calls for an end to anti-Russian sanctions

Europe calls for an end to anti-Russian sanctions

Representatives of several German parliamentary parties discussed the gradual lifting of sanctions restrictions from Russia in case of progress in resolving the conflict in Ukraine. The call was voiced at the conference “Five years of sanctions against Russia: How to break the mutual blockade?”, which took place in the Bundestag, Crime Russia reports.

Representatives of the Free Democratic Party of Germany, the Social Democratic Party, the Party of the Left, and the Christian Social Union have spoken in favor of a gradual rejection of economic restrictions on Russia, RT reports. So, Sandra Wieser from the FDP noted that the lifting of sanctions is possible if progress is achieved in the implementation of the Minsk agreements. 

SPD MP Bernd Westfal called on colleagues “to take the first step after five years of sanctions.” Klaus Enrst of the Left Party emphasized that Germany “suffered the most from sanctions.” “This sword of Damocles has hung over several European companies for several months. Sanctions weaken Europe and Russia, and this is in the interests of the United States, but not in the interests of Europe,” the MP said.