Expert: Putin wants to settle Karabakh conflict without winners or losers

Expert: Putin wants to settle Karabakh conflict without winners or losers

Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to assist in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in such a way that there were no winners or losers, the leading expert of the North-South Political Science Center, Alexander Karavaev, told Vestnik Kavkaza, commenting on yesterday's talks between presidents of Russia and Armenia.

"I interpret Putin's words that the solution to the conflict will be found without winners or losers, that Moscow tends to the scenario around Karabakh, which includes the increasing political and military superiority of Azerbaijan, which was fixed lately," he said.

According to the expert, this extended process marks a new stage in the conflict. "Azerbaijan is strengthening its superiority. At this stage, the exact number of regions does not matter, but it is important that the regions of the so-called security zone around Karabakh should be returned to Azerbaijan," Karavaev stressed.

"I think Putin understands that this process will take a long time, and Moscow will just control it remotely to ensure that the balance is not seriously disturbed. And in the future there will be an opportunity for the presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia to sign a normative document, which will reflect the real situation," the leading expert of the North-South Political Science Center said.

He explained that the situation will look like an accomplished fact for the Armenian society in this case, which should be fixed in the document. "And we are talking here about some kind of a draft contract, which would allow Azerbaijan to open transport communication in response to the de-occupation," the expert said.

In addition, Karavaev drew attention to Putin's words that "supply of different arms to Azerbaijan will continue, despite Armenia's wishes". "Of course, he formulated it somewhat differently: in response to a question at a press briefing, he said that Azerbaijan, as a country with a fast growing economy, can buy weapons wherever it likes. This means that Russia will continue its policy," Alexander Karavaev added.


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