FBI: Mail bombs were ‘not hoax devices’

FBI: Mail bombs were ‘not hoax devices’

US Justice Department and law enforcement officials announced Friday afternoon that a fingerprint and possible DNA evidence led to the arrest of Cesar Sayoc Jr. in the investigation of package bombs mailed to prominent Democrats, Roll Call reported.

A “latent fingerprint” on an envelope sent to California Rep. Maxine Waters was key to cracking the case, FBI Director Christopher Wray said. The 13 bombs found so far were not “hoax devices,” he said, calling them “IEDs,” or improvised explosive devices. 

“There may be more to come,” he said at an afternoon press conference, warning that more bombs may be in the mail.

Sayoc, a registered Republican, was taken into federal custody Friday and has a lengthy criminal history in Florida dating back to 1991, including drug and fraud charges and felony theft. He has been accused of threatening to use a bomb in the past, according to public records.

The suspect faces five federal charges — including interstate transport of explosive devices, illegal mailing of explosives, threatening former presidents and assaulting federal officers — and up to 58 years in prison. 


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