FIFA sets goals for video assistance in football matches

FIFA sets goals for video assistance in football matches

FIFA's Head of Refereeing Massimo Busacca expects video referees to be used at next summer’s World Cup and rejects claims they are undermining the credibility of match officials.

"I'm very confident," Massimo Busacca told Sky Sports News HQ on the eve of the Confederations Cup's opening game in St Petersburg.

"In the U20 World Cup in South Korea, in 52 games, we had 12 decisions [using video technology]. Referees aren't losing credibility, I think it takes time. They don't want to commit mistakes and they always want to be correct during the game. They have a lot of pressure but we like pressure," Busacca said,

"We are not afraid. We don't have many hours to instruct but the top referees are really learning very fast," he stressed.

Teams have also been warned that FIFA wants referees to be strict with players crowding around them to influence decision, and goalkeepers who hold the ball for more than six seconds.

FIFA wants video review approved next year before the World Cup to help decide key incidents: goals scored, penalty awards, red cards and cases of mistaken identity.

A final decision on whether to introduce further technology at Russia 2018 will be made by the game's lawmakers, the International Football Association Board, early next year.


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