FSB detains 42 underground gunmakers in 12 Russian regions

FSB detains 42 underground gunmakers in 12 Russian regions

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has conducted a massive special operation to intercept underground gunmakers, detaining 42 individuals and uncovering 22 clandestine arms upgrading workshops equipped with 3D-printers, the FSB Public Relations Center said.

"The Federal Security Service together with the Interior Ministry and the National Guard in 12 regions has intercepted the activity of 42 individuals involved in the modernization of civilian weapons into combat analogues, manufacturing of ammunition in underground workshops, and their sales in various subjects of the country," TASS cited the FSB as saying.

According to the intelligence agency, during the special operation the activity of 22 underground workshops modernizing weapons and manufacturing ammunition was foiled. The FSB reported that the workshops were fitted with special equipment, including 3D-printers and numerical control machines.

The special operation was conducted in Moscow, the Moscow Region, Dagestan, the Karachay-Circassian Region, Chechnya, the Krasnoyarsk Region and the Amur, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Irkutsk, Rostov and Kemerovo regions.

"Places of residence of the illegal gunsmiths are being searched and investigated," the FSB reported. As a result, 179 units of combat and civilian firearms, as well as firearms with restored combat properties have been withdrawn from illicit circulation.


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