Ferhat Arican: medals of Baku Islamic Solidarity Games to help developing Turkey's gymnastics

 Ferhat Arican: medals of Baku Islamic Solidarity Games to help developing Turkey's gymnastics

The inclusion of gymnastics in the program of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku is very important for the development of this sport, a member of the Turkish national team Ferhat Arican said, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

"It's great. Men's gymnastics is well represented in various world competitions, but now, after the inclusion of women's gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics in the Islamic Solidarity Games, our entire sport is rising step by step. Two days ago, Turkey won its first medal in rhythmic gymnastics - bronze in the team competitions, and it is great, as it will help the development of gymnastics in Turkey," he stressed.

"A gold medal in women's artistic gymnastics, two bronze medals and a medal in the team competition will also promote the promotion of our sport, which means that we will be better represented at European and world competitions. I hope that the Turkish gymnasts will get licenses for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo," Ferhat Arican added.

The champion of the Islamic Games thanked the people of Baku for their support. "I'm satisfied with my performance on the uneven bars, I feel like home in Baku, Baku people are very kind to Turks, and we likewise. Azerbaijan is a friendly country for us. I really liked the support of all those present," he said.

Ferhat Arican noted that he would like to make gymnastics more popular in Turkey. "All kinds of sports came out of gymnastics. In Turkey, football is the most popular sport, then swimming, then athletics, and only then gymnastics - but when we win medals the situation begins to change," the Turkish gymnast said.

He also said that the Turkish gymnasts are friends with the Russian ones. "I like Russian people and the Russian gymnastics, because our sport is very well developed in Russia. Two years ago we were at training camp in Moscow. Russia and Turkey are good friends," Ferhat Arican concluded.

The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games are held in Baku from May 8 to 22. Athletes will compete at 16 sports facilities in 20 types of sports - 17 Olympic and three non-Olympic ones. Competitions in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics were included in the program of Islamic Solidarity Games for the first time at the initiative of the First Vice President of Azerbaijan, President of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, Mehriban Aliyeva.


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