Figures of Russian culture: Mehriban Aliyeva is a true lady

Figures of Russian culture: Mehriban Aliyeva is a true lady

Russian cultural figures congratulated the First Lady of Azerbaijan, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO, MP of the Milli Mejlis, Mehriban Aliyeva, on her birthday.

TV presenter and musician Dmitry Dibrov in conversation with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza firstly stressed that beauty, intelligence and an "important state mission" merge in Mehriban Aliyeva. "I was shocked when, at the reception on the occasion of the preparations for the first European Games, I saw how Mehriban came on the scene and for 45 minutes spoke in perfect Russian literary language without a single note of an accent, she said things that kept the entire audience in suspense. It was logical, interesting, bright, brilliant. I was sitting with a lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, we have both devoted many decades to the Russian public word – and we, the professionals of this word, listened to her with our mouths open. That's how gifted Mehriban Aliyeva is," he said.

"We do not doubt for a second that many of the things that are happening in Azerbaijan in the spheres of culture, spiritual events, museum business (and how many museums in Baku we have visited in recent years) it is, of course, entirely and completely the merit of Mehriban Aliyeva. We feel that warmth which Mehriban supports, recreates and imbues now in the relations between the cultural spheres of Azerbaijan and Russia," Dibrov stated.

"From this point of view, let me congratulate all of us on her birthday. We all get a lot of warmth and important events from the life and work of this person," the TV presenter concluded.

The famous Russian singer Valeria and producer Iosif Prigozhin noted Mehriban Aliyeva's beauty, intelligence, education, and communication skills. "We wish her health and family well-being. She is an amazing, charming woman. We met her more than once and were present at the presentation of the first European Games in Baku. I want to say that she speaks brilliantly, performs brilliantly, looks wonderful. We really like this woman. A true lady – that says it all," they stressed.