Fikri Isik confirms possible purchase of Russian S-400

Fikri Isik confirms possible purchase of Russian S-400

Turkey is considering purchasing Russian S-400 missile systems, Turkey's Defence Minister Fikri Isik said in an interview with broadcaster NTV.

Işık stated that Turkey's current missile and air defense need was being provided by NATO, adding that the country's own air defense system was required for Turkey's need to protect itself permanently from possible airstrikes.

The defense minister said that the Russian S-400 missile systems were the best option for a temporary solution at the moment.

Işık underlined that serious improvements regarding the process were taken, while also adding that an agreement to be signed between the two states was not expected in the near future.

Işık also announced that Turkey had launched a new program, which would focus on the country's own air defense systems, the Daily Sabah reported.

CEO of state corporation Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, said earlier that talks were underway for Turkey to purchase Russian S-400 missile systems.


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