Final batch of Russian uranium to arrive in Iran

Final batch of Russian uranium to arrive in Iran

The fourth and final batch of 149 tons of yellowcake (uranium concentrate) will be imported to Iran from Russia on Tuesday, the Spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Behrouz Kamalvandi, said.

“The final batch of yellowcake that will arrive in Iran tomorrow exceeds the amount of our own production in the last ten years, and together with the 210 tons of yellowcake already imported, we have added a total of 360-ton uranium to the country’s stockpile which is a considerable amount,” the Iran Project cited Kamalvandi as saying.

He noted that despite the import of 149 tons of yellowcake, the country will continue development of its uranium mines.

“We are working on development of mining and exploration, but since we are still at the early stages and the uranium concentration in our mines is lower than some other producers of yellowcake, the imports of these batches help us to have better reserves while at the same time our primary focus is on domestic technology,” Kamalvandi added.