First day of World Cup FIG final in Rhythmic Gymnastics comes to an end

First day of World Cup FIG final in Rhythmic Gymnastics comes to an end

The first day of the World Cup FIG finals in Rhythmic Gymnastics has come to an end. Today, all-around qualifying competitions and finals in individual exercises followed the official opening ceremony.

The individual program consisted of qualifying performance with the hoop and the ball. Russian gymnasts took the first two places in both of exercises.

Russian athlete Margarita Mamun is in the first place with the result of 19.05 points. The second place was won by Aleksandra Soldatova with 19 points. The most titled athlete of the tournament Yana Kudryavtseva performed gained only 18.9 points. Despite the fact that this was the third result in the qualification for the World Cup, according to the rules, she will not perform in the final exercises with the ball.

Marina Durunda was in the fourth place with 18.45 points and she will participate in the finals. Jala Piriyeva was 13th with 17.2 points. Neta Rivkin (Israel, 18.5 points), Ksenia Mustafayeva (France, 18.2 points), Veronica Bertolini (Italy, 18.1 points), Nevyana Vladinova (Bulgaria, 18 points) and Katin Taseeva (Bulgaria , 17.6 points) also qualified.

Yana Kudryavtseva was the first with 19.4 points in the exercises with the hoop. Margarita Mamun was the second with 19.35 points. Aleksandra Soldatova showed the third result with 18,95 points, but she will not participate in finals. Azerbaijani gymnasts Jala Piriyeva was in the 11th place with 17.55 points and Marina Durunda was 21st with 16,55 points.

In the group exercises with the ribbon, the Russian team won the first place with 18,800 points, the Israeli team was in the second place with 18,350, the third place was won by the Italian national team with 18,150 points.

The teams from Bulgaria(18,150), Spain (17,850), Japan (17,800), the USA (16,500), Azerbaijan (16,500) and Kazakhstan (16,500) will also participate in the finals.


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