Five Iranian MPs infected by coronavirus

Five Iranian MPs infected by coronavirus

Iranian parliament has formed a team to review the coronavirus situation, said the spokesman for Iran's Parliament Presiding Board, Trend reports.

Asadollah Abbasi has discussed the reports related to MPs being infected by coronavirus in an interview with Trend.

"So far, five MPs have been infected, while there are some suspected cases should be retested. Specific measures have been implemented so that other members of the parliament can be tested in one of health centers," he said.

"The MPs who were tested positive were tested last Tuesday, but whether new individuals are infected will be known after new reports are released," he added.

"Unfortunately, one of the newly elected MPs has passed away in Gilan Province due to coronavirus," the spokesperson said.

"A team of three doctors from parliament has been formed to discuss the issue with the National Committee on Combating Coronavirus and negotiate over the country's situation at next parliamentary session," he said adding that measures have been also implemented to test journalists who cover the parliament work.

"The date of parliament's next session is not known," he noted.

"The infected members of parliament are Masoumeh Aghapour Alishahi , Mahmoud Sadeghi and Mojtaba Zonnour," Abbasi added.