Forest fires rage in Georgia's Martvili

Forest fires rage in Georgia's Martvili

The forest fire is raging in the Martvili region (Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti, Georgia). 

In addition, 140 firefighters and 30 local employees of the forest agency are trying to extinguish a forest fire near the village of Tskhumari, Svaneti region. The fire started there on November 17.

Locals say that a helicopter must get involved as the fire is in areas difficult to access. It is estimated the fire currently covers a kit 100 hectares, reported.

About 50 firefighters were able to extinguish fires in the villages of Sormoni and Rioni yesterday, in Imereti region of Georgia.

Firefighters nearly extinguished a fire in the village of Abari, Ambrolauri municipality, a local official said earlier today.

About 50 firefighters are now near the village of Salkhino, Martvili municipality, to put out a forest fire there.


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