Former dean of Faculty of History of Moscow State University dies

Former dean of Faculty of History of Moscow State University dies

Today, 89 years old Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Distinguished Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University Yuri Stepanovich Kukushkin passed away. The relevant message was published on the website of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University.

"Yuri Stepanovich’s professional career is inextricably linked with the history department of Moscow State University, which he headed for nearly a quarter of a century. During the fruitful work of Yuri Kukushkin, his talent as a scientist, historian, and researcher was brilliantly revealed in numerous scientific monographs, articles, educational and methodical manuals, popular publications that have received decent recognition in our country and abroad ", the message reads.

In 1947, Yuri Kukushkin became a student of the History Department of Moscow State University. In 1956, at the Department of Soviet History of the Soviet period, he successfully defended his thesis entitled ‘The role of local Soviet authorities in the collectivization of agriculture in 1929-1932." In May 1956, Yuri Kukushkin was enlisted as an assistant at the Department of Soviet History of the Soviet period, and in the late 1950s, he was appointed deputy head of the department. From that moment and for several decades, Yuri Kukushkin combined teaching, research and administrative work.

In 1965, Yuri Kukushkin was appointed deputy dean at the History Department. In 1967, he successfully defended his doctoral thesis ‘Rural Soviets and Class Struggle in the Village (1921-1932)’, and a year later he became a professor of the Soviet History Department. 

Yuri Kukushkin became the dean of the Faculty of History in February 1971, he held this post for 24 years. In 1977, he was elected the head of the Department of the History of the USSR of the socialism period, he held this post until December 2013.

In 1979, Yuri Kukushkin was elected a corresponding member, and in 1987 - a full member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

"Foreign scientists highly appreciated the scientific and pedagogical activity of Academician Yuri Kukushkin. He was an honorary doctor of the Kliment Ohridski Sofia University (Bulgaria) and the Soka University of Tokyo (Japan). A number of fundamental works, scientific articles, textbooks and popular science works of Yuri Kukushkin were published in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese in our country and abroad, ” the statement reads. 

"When in the early 1990s, there was a very difficult period for the national education and science system, Yuri Kukushkin, taking the post of dean of the faculty until 1995, did everything possible to keep a high level of education and scientific work at the history department.”

Yuri Kukushkin was awarded the Order of the October Revolution and the Red Banner of Labor, the Order of Friendship, medals. He was also awarded the honorary title of the I degree Lomonosov prize laureate. He was awarded the honorary title Distinguished Professor of Moscow University.

"The dean's office and the entire staff of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University, the staff of his department, friends, colleagues and students of Yuri Stepanovich Kukushkin express their deepest condolences to his family and friends," the report reads.

The staff of Vestnik Kavkaza expresses their condolences to the relatives and colleagues of Yuri Kukushkin and share their sorrow with them.


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