Saakashvili unchained calls Ukrainian people for protests

Saakashvili unchained calls Ukrainian people for protests

Ukrainian supporters of former Georgian President, leader of the New Forces Movement Mikheil Saakashvili freed him from a police van, after his detention sparked clashes with police in central Kiev.

Demonstrators have managed to free Saakashvili by pulling him out of a car of the Ukrainian security service SBU through the back door of the minibus.

Once freed, Saakashvili, standing in a melee of supporters, called defiantly for protests to remove the country's President Petro Poroshenko from office.

"I urge you to start a peaceful protest to remove Poroshenko, you should not be afraid of anything,” Reuters cited Saakashvili as saying.

With a Ukrainian flag tied around his neck, Saakashvili led a procession of several hundred protesters towards parliament.

Earlier, Saakashvili was put under arrest, the vehicle was about to take him to the SBU.