Gakharia: opposition trying to block state

Gakharia: opposition trying to block state

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia has responded to ongoing protests at parliament and stated that "irresponsible politicians are trying to block not a particular institution, but the state."

Even though several irresponsible politicians believe that attacking police, breaking into-parliament or blocking the work of the legislative body  is their freedom of expression, we, the state government, fully realise the importance of the democratic development of the country and our response to such actions will be fully in line with the law, full of responsibility to our citizens and reasonable," Gakharia said.

The PM has urged ministers to make  all possible efforts not to allow the “destructive actions of the opposition”  to influence the effective work of state institutions.

"The effective work of the state institutions is essential to meet the responsibilities taken before our people," cited him as saying.

Gakharia  noted that the "freedom of expression is fully protected in the country."