Galina Churak: Caucasus meant a lot to Aivazovsky

Galina Churak: Caucasus meant a lot to Aivazovsky

The Tretyakov Gallery has prepared a special exhibition ahead of the 200th anniversary of the great Russian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky. It is to be held in the halls on Krymsky Val from July 29th to November 20th. It was decided to sell of tickets online for the first time in its history of the organization.

Head of the Department for Painting of XIX, XX centuries at the State Tretyakov Gallery and curator of the exhibition Galina Churak said that despite the fact that the anniversary year is 2017 the gallery decided to hold the exhibition now, as then no museums will allow want to give paintings of the artist.

According to her, 120 paintings are to be represented at the exhibition, which were selected on the principle of significance for the author himself, as well as the paintings by Aivazovsky for the Russian Imperial Court. Thus, visitors will be able to see the pictures from the Russian Museum, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Tsarskoye Selo, the Feodosia art gallery and the National Gallery of Armenia.

Speaking about the impact of the Caucasus on the life and work of Aivazovsky, head of the Department for Painting said that the artist harbored a genuine interest in the region and everything that was tied with the Caucasus.

"It was near the coasts of the Caucasus when he was very young, after graduation of the academy. He was sent him to Feodosiya and Crimea before he continued his education in Europe. And he was invited Captain M. Lazarev there to participate in landing  near the Caucasian coast," this is how he made an acquaintance with this region, the curator told.

"Aivazovsky had friendly relations with Kotlyarevsky and highly esteemed him for his courage and military merits. General ended his life is like a wounded warrior in Feodosia. He lived and died there. And Aivazovsky made a lot of efforts to build the Kotlyarevsky’s monument. He built a chapel on the Mount Mithridates, the highest mountain in Feodosiya, and decorated the chapel with his paintings in memory of Kotlyarevsky,’’ she told.

Turkey also influenced Aivazovsky together with the Caucasus. "It was a trip, a sea voyage to the shores of Turkey, Asia Minor, the islands of the Greek archipelago. And when Aivazovsky saw Constantinople, Istanbul, he was impress by the beauty of this town. He wrote neither Rome, nor Venice, nor Naples can be compared to the beauty of this city,’’ he told the art.


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