Gasoline prices record high in Russia

Gasoline prices record high in Russia

Territorial exchange indices of 92-octane (Regular) and 95-octane (Premium) gasoline blends were all-time high at Russia's St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX) after the trading session, according to trading data.

The Regular 92 blend prices added 0.6% to reach 57,060 rubles ($767.4) per tonne, up 4.4% from early July. The Premium (95-octane) gasoline prices hiked by 0.6% also to 59,850 rubles ($804.9) per tonne, showing the increase by 3.6% from the month start.

The LPG exchange price gained 1% and totaled 39,200 rubles ($527.1) per tonne. At the same time, furnace fuel oil prices had an upsurge by 1.9% to 21,800 rubles ($293.1) per tonne.

Diesel fuel, fuel oil and LPG prices repeatedly set new historical records at SPIMEX in 2021.