Gazprom and Georgia to discuss gas transit to Armenia

Gazprom and Georgia to discuss gas transit to Armenia

Georgian Deputy Prime Minister, Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze will meet with the management of Gazprom Export to discuss the conditions for the transit of Russian natural gas to Armenia in 2017.

"We have a position that even if Gazprom's proposal is adopted, the envisaged approach for a financial payment for transit, then Georgia in this case should receive the same benefits as from the received natural gas," the minister said.

It was reported that the last two rounds of talks between the Georgian Energy Ministry and Gazprom, at which the parties could not reach a compromise, took place on December 13 in Vienna and December 23 in Minsk.

Meanwhile, almost a week has already gone by after the validity of the current contract on the transit of Russian gas to Armenia expired.

Talks between the Georgian Energy Ministry and Gazprom are being held on the basis of an agreement from 2003, which is renewed annually. With the extension of the agreement on gas transit, Russia insisted that the payment for its transit through Georgia be carried out by using money, a condition to which Georgia has not agreed, Georgia wishes to maintain the previous form of payment and receive 10% of total transported gas, Interfax reports.


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