Georgia’s vehicle fleet to be replaced by electric cars in 10 years

 Georgia’s vehicle fleet to be replaced by electric cars in 10 years

Georgia's Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze said that 90% of Georgia’s current vehicle fleet will be replaced by electric cars within the next 10 years.

The government will continue to encourage people to buy and use electric vehicles. Bakhtadze announced that 

According to him, Georgia will be the first country to replace its vehicle fleet with electric cars in such a short period of time. "This is a very ambitious plan, but this plan will bring great benefit to Georgia," cited Bakhtadze as saying.

"The import of electric cars will start next year and over the next one year over 2000 electric vehicles will be imported to Georgia through the so-called car-sharing system. This will ease traffic in our capital city and will make electric cars more popular on the local market," the PM added.

To further support the increase demand on electric cars and also encourage the import and realisation of electric cars on the Georgian market, the government plans to launch different initiatives. One of these initiatives includes launching a plant for the production of electric vehicles.

Bakhtadze added that the government intends to encourage the launch of new leasing schemes in the country.