Georgia develops mountain development strategy for 2019-2023

Georgia develops mountain development strategy for 2019-2023

The Georgian government developed the mountain development strategy for 2019-2023. About $24.84 million will be spent on developing mountainous regions in Georgia to improve infrastructure and conditions there.

The money allocated by the National Council for Mountain Development and the Fund for the Development of the Highlands of Georgia will be spent on projects that are included to Georgia’s new mountain development strategy.

Georgia's Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze presented the ‘Development of High Mountain Regions of Georgia 2019-2023’, which addresses the challenges faced by the highland population of Georgia and promotes local economic development in the mountainous regions.

"We would have liked to have such a strategy since the day of Independence of Georgia. This would have enabled us to solve many problems that the Georgian mountain areas face earlier. But I am sure this strategy will enable us to solve all major problems in the shortest period of time," cited Bakhtadze as saying.

He noted that one of the priorities of the strategy is the sustainable development of Georgia’s highlands, supporting small and medium sized business there, farming and cooperative development, promotion and production of demanded agricultural products.

"Development of road infrastructure will continue, new roads will be built along with repair of the old ones that will enable us fully to use highland region’s economic and tourism potential. 4-season tourism infrastructure and services will be developed in mountainous areas and renovation of cultural monuments will be continued there," Bakhtadze concluded.

The PM highlighted the importance of the Mountain Law that came into force in July 2015 and since than 1,730 villages have been recognised as high-mountainous settlements in Georgia, where over 300,000 residents benefit from the law, "which is almost 10% of Georgia’s population."

The event was held within the International Mountain Day which Georgia marks for the first time today. ‘MountainsMatter’ is the theme chosen for this year’s celebration of International Mountain Day that has been marked worldwide on December 11 since 2003.

Bakhtadze initiated the establishment of  a local celebration of ‘Mountain Week’, which will symbolically be held in Georgia on the day of the issuance of the ‘Mountain Law’ of Georgia – July 16.

A faculty of the Sustainable Development of Mountains will be also created at the Georgian Technical University.


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