Georgia preparing application for EU membership

Georgia preparing application for EU membership

Georgia marks 4th anniversary of visa-free travel to EU

Four years ago on this day the regulation lifting visa requirements for Georgians to travel to the European Union entered into effect.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili believes the visa-free travel is 'one of the most visible successes' in the EU-Georgia relations.

Noting the government spares no efforts to prepare Georgia for full-fledged EU membership, he said Georgia will submit the membership application in 2024.

Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani has also tweeted: "Today marks the 4th anniversary of one of the greatest political achievement of -relations – visa free regime for GEO citizens accounting for over 1.1 mln visits. Visa free enhanced P2P contacts, tourism, business & education ties keeping ’s EU integration success driven."

Former ambassador of Georgia to the EU Natalie Sabanadze who has served in Brussels for almost eight years before her recent resignation said visa-free travel is 'a symbol of breaking down barriers and acquiring a privilege of freedom'.

Georgian citizens holding biometric passports can travel to EU/Schengen Zone visa-free for 90 days within a 180-day period, whether it be for tourism, family visits, or business. However, international flight have been restricted for over a year now due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


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