Georgia ready to participate in "3 + 3" format

Georgia ready to participate in "3 + 3" format

Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani commented on Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's initiative to create a new format in the Caucasus, comprising three Caucasian states – Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia – and their neighbors – Russia, Turkey, and Iran.

According to Zalkaliani, it will be difficult for Georgia to participate in such a format together with Russia, but he is confident that his country should be represented in large geopolitical projects.

"We should be represented at least in some form in these large geopolitical projects and relations, but certainly not at the expense of state interests and any concessions," Sputnik Georgia cited him as saying.

He also noted that Georgia needs to keep up with the processes in the region, as well as be sure to participate in new projects. According to him, if they bypass Georgia, the republic can lose its role and function.