Georgia reports 8 new COVID-19 cases

Georgia reports 8 new COVID-19 cases

Georgia has reported 8 new cases of the coronavirus today, which is the decrease in the number of cases compared to the last week.

Four of the eight new cases are imported (two of the four are truck drivers), one is a medical personnel, one is from Lilo open market in Tbilisi, one is from Gchiani settlement of Gardabani municipality (eastern Georgia), while the remaining one does not know how he contracted the virus. 

As of today 202 people remain infected with COVID-19 in the country, 927 of the 1,145 patients have recovered, while 16 others have died.

Georgia has had 1,145 cases of the coronavirus since February 26, 2020, reported.

Last week Georgia reported 24 new cases of the coronavirus which was the highest figure since June. However, the figures are going down again.

Kharajalari village in Gardabani municipality remains in lockdown. Vendors of Lilo open market, where many Gardabani inhabitants are employed, have been tested for the coronavirus. The government is monitoring all open markets around the country to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.