Georgia's minister gives details on Enguri HPP incident

Georgia's minister gives details on Enguri HPP incident

The accident at Enguri hydroelectric power plant occurred due to the flooding of several sectors of the HPP, the first deputy prime minister of Georgia, minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Dmitry Kumsishvili said.

According to him, work has been carried at night out to drain the water from the flooded sectors. Only after it is completed it will it be possible to assess the damage caused and expected time to completely restore the system.

"Yesterday we used reserve systems, as well as imports in order to ensure a stable electric supply," Novosti-Georgia cited Kumsishvili as saying.

On May 24, there was an accident at the Enguri hydroelectric power plant in Georgia, as a result of which residents of several districts of Tbilisi and the Georgian regions were left without electricity for several hours. By the morning the electricity supply to the capital was completely restored.