Georgian Dream names candidates for key posts in parliament

Georgian Dream names candidates for key posts in parliament

The new parliamentarian majority of Georgia has named the Executive Secretary of the ruling Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia (GDDG) party, Irakli Kobakhidze, as their candidate for Parliament Speaker.

Yesterday the GDDG political council held a meeting, followed by a meeting of the parliamentarian majority. After these meeting the party issued a statement naming their candidates for positions in Georgia’s new Parliament, reports.

Tamar Chugoashvili was named the First Deputy Speaker, Giorgi Volski and Zviad Dzidziguri - the Deputy Speakers, Ilia Nakashidze - the Deputy Speaker from Adjara, Archil Talakvadze - the leader of the parliamentarian majority, Mamuka Mdinaradze - the chairperson of Georgian Dream fraction and Dimitry Samkharadze - the Deputy Chairperson of the Georgian Dream fraction.

Otar Danelia was named the head of the Agrarian Issues Committee, Mariam Jashi - the head of the Education, Science and Culture Committee, Kakha Kuchava - the head of the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee, Roman Kakulia- the head of the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, Zviad Kvachantiradze - the head of the Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee and Tamar Khulordava - the head of the Committee on European Integration.


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