Georgian PM’s speech in parliament postponed

 Georgian PM’s speech in parliament postponed

Georgia's Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze did not come to parliament today to present his annual report and answer the legislators’ questions.

The Georgian Dream member Mamuka Mdinaradze said. that the reason for the postponement is the current situation in the country – referring to the rallies in Tbilisi.

"It was to be the first annual speech of the Georgian PM after the new constitution of Georgia came into power and parliament approved its new rules. The event required the presence of the opposition. Taking the current situation into account and the absence of opposition MPs the speech was postponed, as it would not have been in line with mandatory rules," cited Mdinaradze as saying.

He stated that consultations will be held with the opposition regarding an extraordinary session where the PM will deliver his speech.

Tbilisi protests have been started on June 20.


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