Georgian PM: free, fair, democratic, competitive election our priority

Georgian PM: free, fair, democratic, competitive election our priority

Georgia's Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili said that Georgia's municipal elections on October 21 will become yet another proof that, thanks to the democratic reforms undertaken in Georgia, holding free and fair elections has become a standard.

Speaking at today’s Government meeting, Kvirikashvili stressed that the pre-election environment has been "unprecedentedly calm” and all electoral subjects have been able to run a peaceful campaign.

Kvirikashvili believes that all of these proves that Georgia is ruled by a team for whom holding a free, democratic, competitive elections is a priority.

"Two days before the elections, I would like to address primarily the state institutions, secondarily the political powers and thirdly the society as a whole: let’s hold these elections in a manner that will represent yet another step towards reinforcement of truly European democracy in Georgia, leave the violent elections in the past and forget the word for past fraudulent, violent elections altogether," cited Kvirikashvili as saying.

He urged the state agencies to give no reason for anyone to say a word about using administrative resources.

"I would like to address our supporters and emphasize that our strength is in respecting different opinion. Our advantage stems from this principle. This is the major difference and important change that was brought about in our country in 2012 and this was confirmed many times in all elections held after 2012".

Kvirikashvili particularly addressed the law enforcement representatives and police to spare no effort in preventing any possible acts of violence, so nothing can cast a shadow on these elections.

The PM called on citizens to go to the polling stations and vote as this is important for the development of the country and building a better future.

"As a result of the changes implemented in our country, the link between the will of the voters and the responsibility of the Government should strengthen further. This link is the most important factor; this is the link that was created by our government and I believe these elections will serve as yet another example of it", he concluded.