Georgian President: Pardoning applies not to angels but to perpetrators

Georgian President: Pardoning applies not to angels but to perpetrators

Pardoning applies not to angels but to perpetrators, - Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili told Georgian journalists when summing up her visit to the UN, InterPressNews reports.

Zourabichvili commented on the pardoning of persons convicted of grave crimes and explained that the moratorium declared by her was a cautious decision.

“I made the decision. I will say again that pardoning is not a new trial that is subject to objective criteria, it is an assessment by one person, who is president and has the right to assess circumstances. Once again I would say very strongly that pardoning is not justification of anyone. In general, pardoning applies not to angels but to guilty persons. To reiterate, I have come up with an initiative to begin elaborating and refining the rules differently. These efforts are now ongoing. On the other hand, since there were slanderous allegations, the prosecutor's office is also working on this issue and let’s wait for their findings. As for the moratorium, I declared it since there was so much concerns about this issue in the community”, the President said.

She added that the she fully trusts the investigation.

The comments come after the pardoning of several persons convicted of murders caused public outcry, while the Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the alleged abuse of power.


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