Georgian citizens undecided about vote in presidential elections

Georgian citizens undecided about vote in presidential elections

When asked if they were decided about their vote if presidential elections were to be held in Georgia tomorrow, 74% of respondents in said that they were not, the National Democratic Institute said, noting that this is the highest figure seen in their polls to date.

"Few could identify a party closest to them ideologically, with 18% choosing the ruling party Georgian Dream (GD), the 10% United National Movement (UNM), and 3% the Labor Party. All other parties polled below 3%," the NDI said.

"Given the perceptions about the country’s direction and the economy, it is not surprising that many citizens are unsatisfied with their political choices and are undecided about how to vote," senior country director at the NDI Laura Thornton said.

A majority of those polled believe the opposition should unite around a single candidate and 41% of respondents agree with the statement that it would be better for the country if someone outside the ruling party wins the presidency, NDI polls showed.

With a presidential election approaching but an election date yet to be called, polls show that citizens are looking to hear candidates talk more about employment, healthcare and education, reported.