Georgian opposition announces plan B for elections

Georgian opposition announces plan B for elections

Georgia's opposition parties who have been demanding the 2020 parliamentary elections be held on a proportional or similar election system say they have a plan B if the upcoming elections are held per the mixed electoral system.

According to leader of the European Georgia opposition party Sergi Kapanadze, the plan B means nominating joint opposition candidates for the majoritarian race.

"If we have to do so, the ruling party will lose the elections even more sharply," the Georgian Public Broadcaster cited Kapanadze as saying.

He said that the opposition will continue demonstrations to make the ruling party "keep its promise," and allow the conduct of the 2020 elections per a proportional electoral system.

According to him, demonstrators will gather at the Georgian parliament tomorrow.

"However, we are ready for dialogue with the ruling party on the election issue and are waiting for our international partners to give us the date of the following meeting," Kapanadze said.