Georgian opposition enters parliament by 23%

Georgian opposition enters parliament by 23%

The first plenary session, attended by most of the opposition MPs who have entered the parliament following last year's elections, is taking place in the Georgian parliament.

In particular, 107 MPs, including 13 opposition MPs, who had previously refused to participate in the work of the parliament, entered it today, Sputnik Georgia reports.

The first issue on today's agenda is the election of the chairman of the parliament; the ruling party has nominated Vice Speaker Kakha Kuchava to this position.

It should be noted that the support of more than half of the parliament seats, that is, 76 votes, is sufficient to elect the speaker of the parliament. As of today, Georgian Dream has 84 seats in parliament.

In the morning, activists and representatives of the former ruling United National Movement party held a protest action in front of the parliament building.


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