Georgian opposition not to take up mandates in parliament

Georgian opposition not to take up mandates in parliament

All eight opposition parties who crossed the one per cent election threshold in the October 31 parliament elections have signed an agreement earlier today not to take up their mandates in parliament. 

12 other opposition parties, who were unable to enter the legislative body, also signed the agreement and stated that the elections "were not legitimate as they were fabricated."

All 20 signatory parties have stated that they will continue to fight against the government. 

"We will demand repeat elections and changes in the composition of the Central Election Commission as the commission helped the government to fabricate the elections," the parties said. 

The CEC says that there is "a deliberate campaign to harm their image" and has responded to several allegations, reported.

The Georgian Dream government says that the elections have international recognition and has urged the opposition parties to accept the election results in a dignified manner. 

The ruling Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia coalition (GD) has won 48.15% of votes. The opposition doesn't agree with the voting results.


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