Georgian opposition resumes protests in Tbilisi

Georgian opposition resumes protests in Tbilisi

The Georgian opposition and civic activists have resumed protests at Georgian parliament in Tbilisi today, creating a ‘corridor of shame’ for ruling party MPs and demanding an early transition to a proportional electoral system in time for the parliamentary elections scheduled for later this year.

Leader of the European Georgia opposition party Gigi Ugulava said earlier today that the opposition and civic activists will hold rallies everyday to ‘create maximum discomfort’ for the ruling party, to ‘make them keep their promise’ of transitioning to a fully proportional election system from 2020 instead of the scheduled 2024.

The opposition originally announced the renewal of protests on February 4 for the opening of the spring session in parliament. However, they postponed the rally due to a tragedy in western Georgia on February 3, when six individuals, including four minors, died in a fire, reported.


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