Georgian opposition to hold rally in Telavi on December 16

Georgian opposition to hold rally in Telavi on December 16

The Georgian opposition will hold a peaceful rally in Telavi on December 16, when it will host the presidential inauguration ceremony, former opposition presidential candidate Grigol Vashadze said.

According to Vashadze, "no elections" were conducted in Georgia and that the government ignored the demands of the opposition.

"There were no elections held in Georgia, it looked like a special operation more than the elections. We have offered a political dialogue to the government, but they rejected our offer that is why we will hold a peaceful rally in Telavi," cited Vashadze as saying.

The opposition have already addressed the court to annul the election results.

During their rally after the November 28 presidential elections, the opposition urged the government to create a working group with the opposition to “find a solution from the current political crisis.”

They gave the government time until December 16 to create the working group, but the government ignored the demand by saying that Georgia has a new president who was recognised to the role by the international community.

The government called upon the opposition to refrain from staging provocations on the inauguration day.


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