Georgian police arrest Zurab Zhvania's son

Georgian police arrest Zurab Zhvania's son

Georgian police have arrested the son of former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania for alleged assault on the grandson of entrepreneur Gogi Topadze in Tbilisi.

Busa Zhvania was arrested after an incident in the home of the family of Levan Topadze, where the former allegedly stabbed the businessman's son a number of times, a police report said.

The alleged perpetrator was arrested several hours later, with the injured Topadze taken to a hospital and operated. Zhvania was also reported to have been lightly wounded in the incident and was later taken to a clinic.

Gogi Topadze said that Zhvania had entered their home at 5am on Sunday and stabbed his son four times. The entrepreneur also said Levan Topadze was unconscious after the surgery, reported.


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