Georgian president, FM condemn terrorist attack in Kabul

Georgian president, FM condemn terrorist attack in Kabul

Georgian President Salome Zurabshvili and Foreing Minister David Zalkaliani have 'strongly condemned' the terrorist attack outside Kabul's airport in Afghanistan.

Zalkaliani posted: "I strongly condemn the Kabul terrorist attack. My prayers go to the Afghan civilian and U.S. military victims. The evacuation has to proceed peacefully. will continue to take its share in support of those handling the evacuation and expresses solidarity in front of violence."

"Utterly condemn t/cowardly terrorist attack at Kabul Airport. My sincere condolences to t/families of t/victims, including t/members of t/ military. stands together with t/int'l community in fight against #terrorism in order to end violence and chaos in Afghanistan and beyond," Zalkaliani wrote on Twitter.

Two bombing attacks took place in Kabul yesterday, reports the Pentagon and Afghanistan's Ministry of Public Health. The deadly blasts came as the United States and other Western countries raced to complete a massive evacuation of their citizens and Afghan allies following the Taliban  (terrorist group outlawed in Russia) takeover of the country.

To note, a regional transit hub has been set up at Tbilisi International Airport and at the Georgian Defence Forces military base with the participation of Georgian, Norwegian and Swedish servicemen, as well as military and civilian personnel from several NATO member states. 

Tbilisi International Airport is being used as a way station by evacuation flights of the NATO Military Transportation Organisation, which is running daily flights to Kabul and back, the Georgian government reports.