Georgian press review (December 18-25th)

Georgian press review (December 18-25th)

Certainly, the main event of the last few days in Georgia was the resignation of Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

"Positions are temporary, but God and the homeland are eternal. So today I decided to leave the position now when external and internal areas of our country have strengthened,’’ ex-Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated at the office of the government and thanked the country, the people and his spouse Nunuka. Probably, it was the only briefing where Garibashvili forgot to thank Ivanishvili,’’ Resonance reports with sarcasm.

"According to some political analysts and opposition, it was not Garibashvili’s decision to resign. Bidzina Ivanishvili made a great contribution to this. And the reason was the government’s mistakes during three years, which is why the authorities lost their supporters . These are the socio-economic policies, failing infrastructure projects, the depreciation of the lari, controversies over premiums, problems with the restoration of justice. The coalition is trying to create a simulation of a radical renewal, a new wave,’’ the newspaper noted.

"In my opinion, on the threshed of the election the Georgian Dream coalition has an extremely very low rating. Certainly, I don’t see anything wrong in the decision for the Prime Minister to resign, because Ivanishvili is the founder of the Georgian Dream coalition. I think Georgian Dream will win the elections in 2016 and remain in power until 2020. Its ideology and aspirations will necessarily remain, whoever is involved in the process. At this stage, Garibashvili exhausted its possibilities. He was unable to do anything else. It is important now who will be presented to the Parliament for the post of prime minister,’’ the edition cited political scientist Igor Kveselava.