Georgian press review (November 27th – December 3rd)

Georgian press review  (November 27th – December 3rd)

One of the main issues for the Georgian press was the fate of the lari exchange rate, which is fluctuating constantly.

"Despite the difficult situation in the region, economists predict a strengthening of the lari. They point out that the NBG should publish a report of financial stability, which can help the government to work out an anti-crisis plan. According to the most optimistic forecasts, the lari will vary about 2.1 to 2.15 against the dollar in the second half of 2016. November-December in 2014 will be a black page in the history of the Georgian currency. It was a period when the lari started devaluating after years of stability. According to analysts, we should not expect such a situation in future,'' Resonance reports.

"A trend should be considered, which remains beyond the attention of everybody: the dollar is negatively correlated with the monetary policy of the United States, therefore the lari provides investors with great opportunities, as the currency has all the required components: both the cost and the price. In both cases, I believe that the lari is the best option. There will be more investments to the infrastructure in parallel with the development of hydropower next year. Thus, Georgia has an opportunity for better macroeconomic development. I have drawn attention to it during visits to 30 countries,''  the edition cites the main financier of the Saxo Bank Steen Jacobsen.

"The lari devalued so unnaturally, but now the process of strengthening is about to begin. The trade deficit shall decreased in comparison with last year. This means that the situation has been improved in terms of the outflow of the currency. If effective measures are taken, the lari can become stronger, but we do not know how the NBG will act,'' economist Mikhail Dundua said.


The Georgian media are also interested in the threat of terrorism.

"The Islamist network in Georgia is quite representative. I cannot say that this is such an organized force that can 'move mountains', but if the state had not interfered, so tomorrow or the next day it could have become an organized force. They attract young people and work with the public, waiting for the next orders. But it is clear that they have not received any orders. But their activities were stopped at the stage where they had worked with youth and were active in the region,'' Resonance cites Mamuka Areshidze, the expert and the head of the Caucasian Center for Strategic Studies.


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