Germans complained to Putin about "sneaky managers"

Germans complained to Putin about "sneaky managers"

Observers of the German newspaper Die Zeit were interested in the announcement of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin about Russia's readiness to stabilize energy prices.

Some of them even turned to the president with complaints about the actions of European politicians.

"If Russia has fulfilled all of its agreements, then those who are really responsible for the prices' rise should be sought from us. I hope that the price will soon fall," said one of the readers.

Another user noted that Europe can rely on Russia in difficult times, "as it has done more than once." "But the only thing Russia can be sure about is the EU's attitude towards it, its sanctions and hostility will not end," he added.

One observer also blamed "pathetic and dastardly managers" for the shortage and high gas prices, stressing that Vladimir Putin was not to blame for this.

“Mr. Putin is right. What is called the energy “market ” here is anything but a market. Unfortunately, as an end consumer, I cannot conclude a direct agreement with "Gazprom". It would solve all the problems with the price of gas fast", - concluded the user.

The reader also recalled that Russia "has been regularly supplying gas to Europe for several decades and continued to do it during the Cold War.


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