Germany’s new coalition says it is ready for dialogue with Russia

Germany’s new coalition says it is ready for dialogue with Russia

Germany’s new ruling coalition of the Social-Democratic Party, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party is ready for a constructive dialogue with Russia, as follows from a 177-page coalition agreement circulated on Wednesday.

"German-Russian relations are deep and diversified. Russia is a major international actor. We are aware of the importance of meaningful and stable relations and we seek them," says the agreement to be used as the basis for the new government’s policy. "We are prepared for a constructive dialogue," the three parties said.

The new ruling coalition wishes tighter cooperation with Russia on global issues, TASS reported

"We seek tighter cooperation with Russia on issues of the future, such as hydrogen supplies, health care and efforts to meet global challenges, including climate change and nature conservation," the agreement reads. The three parties "strongly criticize restrictions on civil and democratic freedoms and expect that the Russian government will give civil society unhampered access to German partners."

The coalition promised to step up support for Russia’s civil society. "We wish to create an opportunity for visa-free trips from Russia to Germany for some very important target groups, such as youth," the agreement says.

Within ten days all three parties are to formally approve the wording of the coalition agreement. Olaf Scholz is to take office as Germany’s new chancellor by December 8 at the latest.


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