Germany dicusses situation in Caucasus countries

Germany dicusses situation in Caucasus countries

Berlin hosted the "On the Edge of Europe: Situation in the Caucasus Countries" conference. Its participants discussed future developments in the countries of this region, sources told Vestnik Kavkaza.

Researcher of the ZoIS research institute, funded by German government, Tsypylma Darieva, discussed revolution in Armenia. “Armenia is an interesting country. Geopolitically, it manages to maintain close economic and political relations with Russia. Even Armenian-Turkish border is guarded by Russian soldiers," she said.

"At the same time, Yerevan maintains good relations with the EU and the United States, thanks to large Armenian diaspora. Many people wonder if powerful Armenian diaspora played decisive role in the Armenian revolution. I think it didn't. It's amazing that diaspora in the United States managed to distance itself from mass demonstrations," expert said.

She also highlighted high migration levels in Georgia and Armenia: “Georgia and Armenia are two states characterized by ahigh level of migration. Many Georgians leave the country for southern Europe, Italy. Especially women. Migration is prevalent not just in the capital, but also in different regions of the country, small towns and villages, since standard of living there differs sharply from the capital. Armenia is also known for high level of labor migration. Most migrants live and work in Russia," she pointed out.

"Good relations between the two countries can help to improve situation, but they also gives Moscow more tools to influence internal politics of Armenia. In the past, Azerbaijan was also heavily dependent on labor migration to Russia - Moscow and St. Petersburg had a large number of agricultural traders from Azerbaijan. It's true today, to some extent," expert said.

Darieva also said that Azerbaijan is the only country of the South Caucasus region that chose different path of development. 

"Head of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said that while Georgia and Armenia are trying to find their way into Europe, Europe tries to get closer to Azerbaijan. This proud statement shows intensity of economic relations between Europe and Azerbaijan and economic interest of Europe in this country. Unfortunately, everything remains at the level of economic relations so far," she believes.



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