"Gift to Putin": international media about U.S.-Russia summit

"Gift to Putin": international media about U.S.-Russia summit

The Putin-Biden summit has been widely aired and much discussed across state media platforms in the West. Some experts believe that it was the Russian leader who needed the summit most, others that Biden, and others note the mutual benefit of the meeting for both great powers. The Chinese accused the American of trying to sow discord between Russia and China.

The National Interest writes that the summit was mutually beneficial. There are no winners here; both Moscow and Washington have gained benefits.

"Start with the optics. For President Joe Biden, it was an opportunity to show that he could hold his own on the world stage; for President Vladimir Putin, that Russia matters. Both won by showing up and eschewing any drama. Putin was early. Biden didn’t take any gratuitous swipes. It was all business for both leaders," the article reads.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden of giving a "very big stage to Russia" after the two leaders came face-to-face for talks in Geneva. "We did not get anything," he told Fox News in a wide-ranging interview. "We gave a very big stage to Russia, and we got nothing."

The Washington Post, on the contrary, pays tribute to the U.S. leader, who did not give in to Putin and warned Moscow against rash steps.

"Biden comes back to the United States with increased stature and unity among allies. He achieved what he came to do in Geneva: reasserting American values and conveying to Russia the risks of its reckless aggression. The point here was not to attain capitulation. “I’m not confident” Putin will change his conduct, Biden said bluntly. But he did eradicate any misconception that the last four years were anything more than a nightmarish aberration and reestablished the United States’ democratic bona fides," the article reads.

"US President Joe Biden tried his best to drive a wedge between China and Russia during a press conference after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden said, "Russia is in a very, very difficult spot right now" and Russia "is being squeezed by China...Biden just wants to pass the blame to China. This is an illusion that is possible only under serious political autism and narcissism," Global Times writes.