Giorgi Rurua sentenced to 4 years in prison

Giorgi Rurua sentenced to 4 years in prison

The co-founder of the opposition-minded TV channel Mtavari Arkhi Giorgi Rurua was found guilty for the illegal possession and carrying of firearms and has been sentenced to four years in prison by Tbilisi City Court today.

Rurua, who was detained last year, says he is a political prisoner. The opposition parties, who have been demanding Rurua’s release since his detention, also call him a political prisoner.

His lawyer said that ‘we were waiting for the unfair verdict,’ adding that they will appeal the court’s decision, reported.

It was because of Rurua the opposition parties refused to vote for constitutional changes earlier this year, per the March 8 election agreement between the ruling party and the opposition.

The opposition claimed that the ruling party accepted Rurua’s release in the election talks which were mediated by the diplomatic corps which the ruling party strongly denied.


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