Global Young Leaders Forum opens in Baku

Global Young Leaders Forum opens in Baku

The Global Young Leaders Forum organized by the Nizami Ganjavi International Center with the support of the State Committee for Work with Diaspora opened on August 21 in Baku.

Bulgaria’s former president Rosen Plevneliev, Serbia’s former president Boris Tadić, Croatia’s former president Ivo Josipović, Latvia’s former president Valdis Zatlers, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s former prime minister Zlatko Lagumdžija, Israel’s former president Dalia Itzik, co-chair of Nizami Ganjavi International Center, former vice-president of World bank Ismail Serageldin, Turkey’s former foreign minister Hikmet Çetin will attend the forum, the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza reports.

The debates on individual assessment of leadership, the forms of leadership that modernity needs, the differences between the leadership of women and men, and the inner and outer boundaries of leadership will be discussed in the forum. The forum will take place on August 21-21.

Bulgaria’s former president Rosen Plevneliev noted that the Baku forum has proved its worth. "We solve common problems and tasks here, we look for solutions to global problems, and the Baku Forum has become a very useful platform in the solution of many tasks," the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza cited him as saying. "Leaders from 45 countries are attending the forum, and we must achieve peace and stability through joint efforts," Plevneliev stressed.

"I was very proud to be Bulgaria's president who signed a strategic partnership with President Aliyev. I was very proud to be Bulgaria's president who came here to open the Southern Gas Corridor," he said, recalling that he was also the president who signed a contract with Azerbaijan to purchase 1 billion cubic meters of Azerbaijani gas. Plevneliev stressed that he "was very proud to work on the development of great Bulgarian-Azerbaijani relations".

The politician said that there is a strong friendship between Bulgaria and Azerbaijan. "Bulgaria and Azerbaijan are good friends, I am very proud of that," he admitted. "We have a very good level of trade and economic cooperation, we have very serious plans for the future," the ex-president of Bulgaria said. "Today the leaders from 50 countries have gathered here, as well as young leaders from all over the world. Today in Baku Bulgaria and Azerbaijan are sharing their enthusiasm for achieving peaceful and stable development," Plevneliev noted.

The Co-chair of Nizami Ganjavi International Center, Director of the Library of Alexandria of Egypt, Ismail Serageldin, noted the importance of the Baku forum during his speech.

Former First Lady of Ukraine Kateryna Yushchenko noted the importance of the electronic government building in ensuring transparency, as well as the development of the biogenetics. "Fast improvement of the medical field is being observed now. The development of the biogenetics should be noted as well. Computers will clear the way to more effective medical services. We should direct our efforts to the independence and provide accessibility to the innovations," she noted.

Former president of Latvia Valdis Zatlers emphasized the importance of the forum in terms of exchanging experience by young leaders.


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