Green channel to speed up work of International North-South Transport Corridor

Green channel to speed up work of International North-South Transport Corridor

The container traffic from India to Russia through the territory of Iran and Azerbaijan along the route of the International North-South Transport Corridor will be opened early next year, while there will be a protocol on the green channel for the transportation of goods on the land segment from Iran to Russia. The First Deputy head of the Federal Customs Service, Vice-Chairman of the Council of the World Customs Organization (WCO), Ruslan Davydov, told Vestnik Kavkaza about the work of the customs channel between Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

Ruslan Davydov explained that the green channel from Iran to Russia through the territory of Azerbaijan will act in accordance with the standards of the World Customs Organization. "There is such a concept in the World Customs Organization as coordinated border management (CBM), which is quite applicable to the International North-South Transport Corridor. "The point is that the goods always have two points of movement. For example, the goods that go from Iran to Russia. When they leave the country of export, their parameters are registered at the Iranian customs: the product code, the cost of export, weight and other data that we would like to receive from the Iranian customs online," he said.

Thus, the customs green channel will ensure maximum transparency and speed of cargo passing through the borders of states within the international transport corridor. "If we adjust the work in the way that our automated systems, when declaring imported goods, will compare the data of Iran's customs officials with our data and they will coincide, this will significantly speed up the passage of customs," the First Deputy head of the Federal Customs Service stressed.

"If the data of Iranian and Russian customs coincide, the risk system does not work, the goods are allowed up to domestic consumption, that is, everything happens quickly. If the data does not coincide for some reason, then the cargo is checked. "The check is carried out either as a request for documents and information about the goods, either in the form of scanning at the inspection and inspection complex, or the cargo inspection," Ruslan Davydov added.

The International North-South Transport Corridor, which currently stretches from the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf to Russia, Eurasia and Europe, will cut down the time of cargo transportationby half – to about 17 days from the earlier 35 days,


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