Hamas attacks Israel's chemical plant

Hamas attacks Israel's chemical plant

The Hamas movement's armed wing Izz ad-Din a-Qassam Brigades, which controls the Gaza Strip, has said it has attacked an Israeli chemical plant, the television channel Al-Jazeera said on Friday.

The attacked facility is in the kibbutz Nir-Oz. A drone was used for the purpose.

The Israeli army said in Twitter that sometime ago the air defense system Iron Dome had intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle heading from Gaza Strip for Israel.

The Israeli army and Palestinian groups in the Gaza strip have been exchanging rocket strikes since May 10, following unrest near the Al Aqsa Masque in East Jerusalem. An Israeli court's ruling to confiscate homes from Arab families in the Sheikh Jarrah residential area triggered the protests.

On Friday, Israeli media said the bombardments had killed nine Israeli citizens. According to the Health Ministry of the coastal enclave, Israel's strikes against Gaza have left 119 Palestinians dead and more than 600 others injured.


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