Has Bulgaria decided to participate in Turkish Stream?

Has Bulgaria decided to participate in Turkish Stream?

The Bulgarian authorities have sent a proposal to the Russian side to create a gas hub on Bulgarian territory, the head of the Russian Ministry of Energy, Alexander Novak, said.

"She (Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova) made an offer on the construction of a hub in Bulgaria, they want the Turkish Stream, to return the South Stream but with a hub in Bulgaria," RIA Novosti cited the Russian minister .

Novak said that is not the first time he has received such a proposal from the Bulgarian side.

"It was raised six months ago. Now it was presented once again," the Russian Minister of Energy said.

Six months ago, representatives of Bulgaria stated that they would seek the continuation of the South Stream project and, in particular, the construction of a gas hub in the country.

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borisov, noted in January that the establishment of such a hub will allow the European Union to receive gas at a lower price than the Russian gas through the Turkish Stream. Boyko explained that any suppliers will be able to transport gas through Bulgaria so that all the countries in the region – Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary – will be provided.

As Vestnik Kavkaza reported, the Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Ivaylo Kalfin, said that the Bulgarian government does not see an alternative to supplies of Russian gas to Europe and it is ready to examine the conditions of supply of gas through Turkish Stream.

"Europe is trying to limit its dependency on Russian gas, but currently has no alternative to it. This is the position of the Bulgarian government and this is why we need to work together to ensure the most mutually beneficial terms for the supply of Russian gas to Europe," Kalfin said.


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