Has Sargsyan lost Armenian parliamentary's support?

Has Sargsyan lost Armenian parliamentary's support?

Today another Yerevan's political provocation against Baku led to a double failure: the parliamentary discussions of controversial bill on the recognition of the secessionist formation in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, the independent state 'Nagorno Karabakh Republic', planned on the day of the meeting of Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Vienna, were not included in the agenda of the plenary sessions of parliament – after the external Relations Commission of the National Assembly refused to give a positive conclusion to this document.

Although not a single Armenian parliamentarian voted against the inclusion of the bill on the agenda, or abstained. The lawmakers de facto opposed it: only 12 deputies supported the discussion, and the other just didn't vote. In fact 'the NKR recognition' was boycotted and rejected by the National Assembly without the right of discussion.

The document by representatives of 'the party of war' was deprived of a chance to survive a few hours ago. When presenting the bill to the Commission for External Relations of the Parliament, Deputy Foreign Minister, Shavarsh Kocharyan, said that the discussion may harm the negotiation process between Azerbaijan and Armenia. As a result, "the NKR recognition" was supported by only one member of the commission, and one was against, the other abstained.

The 'transformation' of the bill into the law may lead to cancellation of the peace negotiation process, unleashing a full-fledged war for Karabakh and the loss of the last allies. Thus, when the Armenian parliament ignored the bill it showed how domestic and foreign policy of the 'party of war', headed by the current President and one of the leaders of Karabakh separatists Serzh Sargsyan, lost support of other powerful groups and ordinary citizens of Armenia whose interests are represented by deputies in the National assembly.

Permanent deaths of soldiers in the war and the unavailability of normal life in the region is the price that Armenia is not ready to pay Sargsyan for the conflict in Karabakh, which is artificially supported and delayed by the neighboring country. And if the direct resistance is not possible the politicians have other ways to get rid of those leaders who are not to be trusted, and today's boycott of the bill on 'the recognition of NKR' proved this fact.

Recall that it is the second failure of provocation at the law-making level since the beginning of the month: the Armenian government approved the controversial bill on May 5th for a few hours, and then the Parliament scheduled an emergency meeting on May 10th, but the approval was withdrawn that evening, and the discussion was removed from the agenda.

Those conditions uncovered the absurdity of  Sargsyan's and his team's goal becomes especially intriguing at the meeting between the leader of the "party of war" with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in Vienna. What Armenian President is going to say after several consecutive political fiascos?